This is were you find new custom weapons. From basic fists, knives, pistols and shotguns to sci fi plasma-based guns, everything you need to make sure your enemies will stay down can be found here. Just select the category you want and have fun.

01 - Melee Weapons  (04 item available) 

02 - Handguns (06 items available)

 03 - Shotguns/Rifles (08 items available)


04 - Automatics (06 items available)

05 - Explosives (02 item available)

06 - Energy/Fuel-based Weapons (04 item available)


  1. How to add stuff here?

    I have some Predator resources along with some HUD resources to share so how can i do it?

  2. you can send me the resources at the zdoom board. i think i'm gonna open a new thread there for it.