Saturday, October 25, 2014

New section opened!

Thanks to the efforts of MarlboroMike2100 sending me a lot of decorative resources, i've opened a new section on the Warehouse dedicated to level decoration. There's a lot of interesting stuff there, that could fit the needs of mappers. From lab glasses to ancient stone tablets, MarlboroMike2100's works are now available for public download. I hope you guys enjoy it, and once again a big THANK YOU to MM2100 dedication.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The hunting season is now opened, and the human safari is about to begin. The Predator joins our ranks in the Foes section. Think you can beat the hunter in a one-on-one duel? I hope you guys enjoy it. This is the same version that will appear in the upcoming Aliens: The Ultimate TC beta 7.0.



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Added Double Shotgun Variant

Made and submitted by idGamer, this classic piece of hardware is now added to our arsenal. A big thank you to the work of idGamer, and i hope everyone enjoy the new update!

Double Shotgun Variant


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Foes section update!!

Thanks to the contribution of TheMightyHeracross, we now have our first enemy added to the Foes section! The Slipgate Zombie, a fast and versatile former human, is now available for download! I hope you enjoy it!!

Slipgate Zombie


Friday, October 10, 2014

First update to the Item Shop!

The Item shop now gets the first update: a custom sentry gun, coded by me using some beautiful sprites by MarlboroMike2100. That's the same sentry gun that will debut in the upcoming 7.0 update of the Aliens: The Ultimate TC project by Kontra Kommando, which i usually help. Enjoy the new addition!

Auto Turret


New weapons added!

Another update to the Arsenal page: two brand new shotguns. Both coded by myself, they have a working reload function and are a little bit stronger than Doom's vanilla Shotgun. Enjoy!

Hunting Shotgun


Pump Action Shotgun



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First update!

Yes! After posting about the Warehouse on ZDoom forums, i got my very first submission from the user idGamer: a M1911 pistol. Along with that there's another pistol another pistol, a Beretta 92f submitted by myself. Both weapons can be downloaded in the Arsenal section and at the bottom of this post. This is the first step of the Warehouse, a tiny one, but very important and special indeed. I would like to thank idGamer for his pistol, and invite people to submit more material. Together we can make this page grow!

Beretta 92F


 Colt M1911


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to the Warehouse!

This is the first post from Red Alert Warehouse, a blog dedicated to host ZDoom modding resources. As the blog was just created, it still lacks material but hopefully this place will be full of of content in no time. I'm still in process of creation, so all the sections are still empty. The idea was to make something similar to the well know Realm 667, a custom ZDoom mod resources website made from fans to fans. Here people will not only be able to download custom content, but also submit their own creations. We will be happy to host everything, from weapons and enemies to larger projects. For now i'll be using this blog as starting point, but the goal is to host a bigger website, with more possibilities and less restrictions.

Since Realm 667 was hacked and is now offline, i was thinking on how we lack of more websites dedicated to ZDoom fan made content, and decided to create this place as another supply point for us. I hope R667 come back soon enough, and now free of hackers, since it's more than just a portal, it's a huge community and an important part of the Doom modding history.