Custom enemies can be found here. All kinds of foes are welcome, so expect to see zombies, mutants, aliens, hell spawn, humans. In both Doom style and non-Doom style.

Slipgate Zombie

Fierce and fast, this zombie shall not be underestimated. Can strafe to evade incoming fire and swap weapons for fit better combat strategies against the player.

Name: Slipgate Zombie
Summon: SlipgateZombie
Submitted: TheMightyHeracross
Decorate: TheMightyHeracross
GLDefs: Yes (lights.pk3)
Sounds: id Software
Sprites: zrrion the insect, Onslaught Six


The most terrifying Hunter from all the galaxy comes with all the main gadgets and abilities that made it famous on the theaters. A strong enemy meant to be used as a boss type. Be advised: the Predator holds a lot of surprises.

Name: Predator
Summon: Predator
Submitted: jdredalert
Decorate: Sergeat_Mark_IV, jdredalert
Sounds: id Software, Sierra
Sprites: Neoworm, Sergeant_Mark_IV, Endless123, 3D Realms

Beta Lost Soul

A variation of the original Lost Soul, inspired by the one showed in the Doom press release Beta. They can (and will) charge against the player just like in the retail version, however they can also attack player by distance, using magic curse attacks.

Name: Beta Lost Soul
Summon: betasoul
Attack Type: Charge and Hitscan
Submitted: Imp Hunter
Decorate: Imp Hunter
Sounds: Id Software
Sprites: Id Software and Marrub

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