Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to the Warehouse!

This is the first post from Red Alert Warehouse, a blog dedicated to host ZDoom modding resources. As the blog was just created, it still lacks material but hopefully this place will be full of of content in no time. I'm still in process of creation, so all the sections are still empty. The idea was to make something similar to the well know Realm 667, a custom ZDoom mod resources website made from fans to fans. Here people will not only be able to download custom content, but also submit their own creations. We will be happy to host everything, from weapons and enemies to larger projects. For now i'll be using this blog as starting point, but the goal is to host a bigger website, with more possibilities and less restrictions.

Since Realm 667 was hacked and is now offline, i was thinking on how we lack of more websites dedicated to ZDoom fan made content, and decided to create this place as another supply point for us. I hope R667 come back soon enough, and now free of hackers, since it's more than just a portal, it's a huge community and an important part of the Doom modding history.

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